How can I search for new classes, workshops or experiences?
Discovery and exploration is one of our main objectives. We require hosts to assign a unique category to each experience so that you can browse by areas that interest you. New experiences are added all the time and we’ll feature our top picks or best-sellers on our home page. You can filter workshops by category or occasions.

Can I ask questions about the workshop or course before I buy tickets?
Yes! You can ask a question about any experience within the individual listing via the ‘Ask a Question’ link. If you prefer to speak with a member of the Creoate team, you can send your question to us at hello@creoate.com.

Do you check the quality of the workshops?
Yes, we approve each new host and experience that is added to the site. By focusing on workshops hosted by skilled creative entrepreneurs, we aim to bring you the highest quality experience. We also personally connect with each host to ensure the experience meets our quality standards. 

How do I open a Creoate account?
It’s easy! Just click on the “Sign Up / Sign In” button on the Creoate homepage and fill in some basic details to get started.

Why do I need to register?
You only need to register prior to making a purchase. You can browse the site and find interesting workshops without registering. Once you progress to making a purchase or if you want to track experiences with the wish list, you will be prompted to sign in or create a new account.

How do I find out where an experience is taking place?
For each listing, the address is included along with a map of the local area. After you book tickets, an email confirmation will be sent to you and the host with contact details so you can follow up if anything is unclear.

What happens if the class or experience is cancelled?
In the unlikely event that an experience is cancelled by your host, you’ll be notified as soon as possible via email and/or phone and you will receive a full refund. 

What is your cancellation policy?
Unfortunately we do not allow cancellations, so please ensure that you are able to attend before booking. You may, however, be able to request to your booking is moved to a future available workshop date but this must be agreed directly with the host and is at their discretion.

Are my credit card details safe?
Yes – your card and data security is important to us! All credit card transactions through Creoate are completed via Stripe, a leading global payment processing firm. Stripe provides full compliance with the strictest PCI Level 1 certification. Credit card data does not cross our servers and is not stored on them, in compliance with PCI standards.


Who can create a workshop on Creoate?
We’re are big supporters of all creative entrepreneurs, that are passionate about teaching their craft to others. We are currently focused on six workshop categories (Art, Crafts, Fashion, Food & Drink, Interiors, Nature) and looking to expand our range of workshops in the future. If you are skilled at making something with your hands and want to share this experience with others, we would love to hear from you!

What details should I include on my experience page?
The description of your experience will help you to promote it and build interest from potential customers. Please ensure you include all the mandatory fields, including information on date, time, location. We will review your submission and suggest amendments that we think are necessary or may help improve the appeal of the experience. You should also include high-quality images as this is the first thing customers see when browsing through our site. 

When will I see my experience on the Creoate site?
Creoate reviews all workshops before adding them to the site to ensure that the quality meets the Creoate standard and provides the necessary information for customers to make an informed decision. The Creoate team will review your workshop application as soon as you submit it and will contact you by email or phone in order to verify workshop details or potentially suggest amendments. 

How can I limit the minimum and maximum number of experience attendees?
When you add dates and times for your workshop (on the Availability page), you will have to fill in the maximum number of tickets. You also have an option to set a minimum number of workshop spaces (on the Tickets page) although we suggest you carefully consider setting this to the minimum of 1 so as not to disappoint interested customers. 

Can I change workshop details after the event has been published to the Creoate site?
Yes, you can amend all details once the workshop has been published, including number of spaces. You just need to return to your Dashboard (login to your account > Manage Workshops) to view your list of workshops and make amendments. If you are making material changes to the workshop, we require that you notify customers that are currently enrolled.

Where can I review my orders and view workshop attendees?
You will be sent a confirmation email for every customer booking, including a unique order number for tracking and the customer name. Your confirmation email will also include a link to the website so you can view the details after logging in. You can view all bookings on your Dashboard (login to your account > Manage Bookings). 

How can I communicate with customers and how can they contact me?
Once an order has been confirmed, you will receive customer details. You can communicate with customers at any time by sending your requests to hello@creoate.com. Customers will also be given your contact details upon booking.

Can I cancel a workshop?
You should try to avoid cancelling a workshop or changing the date out of courtesy for the customers. In the unforeseen event that you do need to cancel or rearrange a workshop, please contact us at hello@creoate.com so that we can inform the customers as early as possible. Please do this regardless of whether any tickets have been purchased. Note that if a workshop is cancelled and tickets have been sold, customers will receive a full refund but Creoate reserves the right to charge you any costs incurred to process the refunded transaction.

What should I do if I encounter a difficult customer?
Rejection of attendees is at your own discretion and your own risk. Please contact us with the customer’s details so that we can understand the situation and mange it going forward.

What should I do if customers don’t show up?
It is advisable to start the experience on time for the benefit of other on-time customers. If no customers show up on time, you may choose to wait 15-30 minutes after which time you may decide to cancel. Please notify us immediately at hello@creoate.com if this occurs.

Fees, Taxes and Payments

What fees does Creoate charge for listing workshops?
Listing workshops on Creoate is free!

Ok, so how does Creoate make money?
We charge our hosts a commission which is only paid on each sold workshop space / ticket. There are no fees for listing.

Who is responsible for taxes imposed upon ticket sales?
The host is entirely responsible for paying tax on any revenue generated by ticket sales. When setting the price for your experience, please take tax into account.

When will I get paid for my workshop ticket sales?
Funds obtained from the sale of workshop tickets will be remitted to your account typically 5-10 business days following the completion of the workshop. You will need to ensure that your Paypal payment details are included in your account.

Still have an unanswered question? Contact us via email at hello@creoate.com.