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2 hours
Guidance, Materials, Tools, Small Class Size
The elegant Copperplate never goes out of fashion! It's like the Little Black Dress! Always stunning.

Join us for a Copperplate Calligraphy Class and fine letters that can guide you to create your distinctive lettering, full of character and charm that you can use in your everyday artistic work or your occasional writing!

You will learn Copperplate basic principles and rules that make it so beautiful and delicate, you will find out techniques to create each letter – lowercase or majuscules – with the help of guide sheets and tuition from Amalia, so don’t worry if you haven’t tried something like this before! You are not even supposed to have a fine handwriting!

First we’ll start with introducing you to the supplies we are going to use during our MagInk Letters trip. We’ll learn some good practice techniques, a little about nib and pen holder, paper and ink, how to match them, how to use them for fine results when using. Then we’ll work on basic strokes and shapes and then we’ll go in the practice area with letter construction and flourishing.

The class is for absolute beginners. You’ll get your own starter kit to take home with you. This includes a pen holder, a nib, a black ink pot and exercise sheets so you can practice.

We’ll have plenty of time for 1 to 1 tuition and instruction, so by the end of the session you’ll be able to create your own quote using calligraphy that you can frame at home or just put on top of your desk!

This is an absolute beginner's workshop so you need no preparation for it. We will provide all materials. It’s going to be a great way of relaxing, using just your imagination and hands. We’ll get creative, so please come prepared to have fun, relax and experience new stuff!

All persons over 16 are welcome!
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Learn Calligraphy – Copperplate Essentials

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