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Following on from her panel discussion touching on the same subject the Fandangoe Kid is back with her 3rd workshop in our Meet the Maker series this time exploring the positive impact that creativity can have when used as a tool to process grief, loss and trauma. The prints created in this class will in part be a response to her recent large scale paste ups in New York evolving to become a means of opening up conversation about this often taboo subject.
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Join The Fandangoe Kid in a open discussion about one of the most challenging subjects to address: grief, loss and trauma. Find power in trusting your instincts, processes and being strong enough to be boldly vulnerable.

After taking part in a series of exercises to help you engage with the subject matter you’ll construct your own mantra or phrase and be shown how to create a paper cut stencil which will be used to print up a mini edition to take home, frame and display proudly. Each person attending the workshop will also be invited to participate in a group paste up of their work at Peckham Levels.

About The Fandangoe Kid
The Fandangoe Kid is a visual artist who challenges taboo subject matters through large scale narrative driven graphic installations. Following an enormous loss of family in 2011, her work focuses on tackling complex emotional taboos, telling honest yet tongue-in-cheek anecdotal stories about the human condition. She has created work on loss, survival and ritual for the Turner Prize series of events in Hull City of Culture 2017, two installations for Peckham Levels and is currently making a series of short films.
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Turn Grief into Compelling Art at Peckham Levels

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