Dye with Indigo in an Artist’s Studio


2.5 hours
All Materials, Tools And A White Cotton Tote Bag

Join this intimate workshop and learn all about Shibori, a Japanese resist dyeing technique for creating patterns in cloth using stitching, binding, and clamping. This beginner’s workshop will focus on learning the key stitching and binding techniques. Come discover this beautiful and fascinating Japanese traditional craft!

Good to Know

Your host will teach you traditional stitched and bound resist dyeing, including ne maki (bead binding), ori-nui (teeth), maki-age (stitched motifs), and kumo (spider web). You’ll get material to practice on and learn how to dye with indigo.

You will be dyeing a cotton tote bag which you can take home with you after the class.

The Place

You’ll be working in an east London studio underneath an old railway bridge, in Hackney near Broadway Market.

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Address: 343-344 Beck Road London E8 4RE
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Dye with Indigo in an Artist’s Studio

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