Beginners and Experienced Oil Painting Workshop


3 hours
Guidance, Materials, Tools, Refreshments
Beginners And Experienced Painters
This oil painting class is perfectly suited to beginners and experienced painters alike who wish to develop their skill base and get more practice with like minded people in a characterful artists studio.

Good to Know

Your host, Allan is an experienced practising artist and teacher   with experience in education and therapy.  He is familiar with the rigorous requirements of OFSTED and is a top teacher in his field. Allan will begin the class with an overview of the basics, explaining the colour wheel, colour mixing and tonal values. You will then move on to practical application of what you have learnt by either creating a tonal painting grid (for future reference). 

For experienced painters, you can refresh yourself with an update on colour mixing or practice painting either a still life set up in the studio or a photograph that you should bring with you. 

Throughout the class, Allan will provide tutor support, advice and mentorship as you develop your own style and skill base. You will paint away the time in the encouraging and positive environment..

The Venue

Tucked away in leafy Kingston, the workshop takes place in the Cass Art independent art supplies shop. The shop is minutes from the train station and stocks a fantastic range of the best art supplies that you can stock up to continue practicing at home!
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Address: 103 Clarence St, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1NW
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Beginners and Experienced Oil Painting Workshop

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