Learn How to Not Kill Your Houseplants in a Market


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Learn how to keep your houseplants alive and thriving in this super informative workshop.

Good to Know

You’ll take a journey through houseplants, including how to start off on the right foot by choosing the right plant to bring home, and what types of plants will thrive in different situations. You’ll also learn how to multiply and share your collection using propagation, so you can clone your plant baby to other parts of your home or to give away to others. Importantly, you’ll learn about different light and water requirements, how to spot and treat common plant ailments your plants might get, as well as how, and when, to re-pot.

Finally, loaded with knowledge you will get to take home a small succulent and some cuttings to test out your plant caring skills!

The Venue

The workshop takes place at The Botanical Workshop, a houseplant and ceramic shop based in Netil Market, Hackney. You’ll be surrounded by lush green plants, cacti and succulents in this shop dedicated to the green life!

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Address: Netil Market, 13 - 23 Westgate St, E8 3RL London
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Sold By: The Botanical Workshop

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Learn How to Not Kill Your Houseplants in a Market

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