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It’s time to get creative and start making beautiful clay sculptures. This experience will leave you wanting to sculpt everything you see in your everyday life. The studio is based at the iconic Hornsey Town Hall. All clay and tools will be provided for the class. We’ll make a classical cast based on the famous and beautiful facial features of Michelangelo’s “David.” Using tools and air-drying clay, you will make your own classical cast in your first class. This course covers tool skills and knowledge of how to start sculpting any future projects. This experience is aimed at complete beginners and anyone wanting to learn a new skill.

About the Artist 
Yuli the founding director of The Renaissance Atelier Ltd., dedicated to the revival of the old methods of teaching art. Yuli has a textile and knitwear background but she is also experienced in art and fashion.

About the Space 
We will conduct the class in my studio in the iconic Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre, studio 30B, next to the PLY Gallery
Filming of ‘The Crown’ and many other famous films and series takes place in parts of this building.

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Address: Hornsey Town Hall, The Broadway, London N8 9JJ
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Learn Sculpting & Sip Wine

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