Learn to Draw and Paint with Watercolour


2 hours
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If you haven't drawn or painted for a while, or feel a bit intimidated stepping into an art shop never fear! A big part of the workshops is breaking down those feelings, and learning about the materials and tools you're using in an un-daunting way. With a little practice you'll start to feel much more confident with your drawing and painting skills. We encourage trial and error, and give lots of relaxed demo's along the way.

Although we hope you'll love what you walk out of the workshops with, it's not all about long extended super-detailed masterpieces. If you can draw what's in front of you in ten minutes, we encourage you to try and draw it in five. Then in 1, more often than not those looser free-flowing lines show much more and look great! You'll also find yourself loosening up and getting many more benefits from it than just from the page.

We provide all materials for you to use on the night, as well as a curated kit for you to take home with you. These are what we think will help you get drawing at home, and continue that great feeling you get from the class.

Good to Know 

We use meditation and mindfulness techniques during our workshops, as drawing and making marks on the page can be an amazing way to clear your mind, and find some headspace. The aim at the end of the workshops are to be as relaxed as you can be, so the marks are looser and therefore stronger. We are taking part in yoga events across the coming year, where we'll tailor specific mindful drawing classes.

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Learn to Draw and Paint with Watercolour

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