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This is the perfect class for creative enthusiasts who want to try a new skill or would like a refresher. During this class, you’ll receive an introduction to two techniques of printmaking: Drypoint and Lino print. These classes are small, friendly and flexible where you will go home with a new skill plus many beautiful prints.

Relief Printmaking is where the protruding areas of a surface are inked and applied to paper. The recessed areas do not touch the paper and therefore remain clear of ink. For example in Lino Printing, an image is carved out of the lino. The areas that are carved out will appear white in the final image as they will not touch the paper, and the areas of lino that are left will be the ink. Although detail can still be achieved with these methods, Relief Printing is best for block images.

Intaglio is the method of incising an image into a plate using a sharp object. Ink is then applied to the plate, where it collects within the incisions, and transfers onto paper when under the pressure of a printing press. Compared to the bold, blockish effect of Relief Printing, Intaglio produces a very detailed and textured image.

You have a choice on whether you would like to try a small example of drypoint and lino or concentrate on one. You will leave with your own hand-made prints as well as the technical skills and knowledge to continue your artwork beyond the course.

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Create Your Own Paper Print Artwork

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