Make Your Eco-Friendly Upcycled Bicycle Tyre Belts


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All Materials, Tools And A Drink
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Waste tires and inner tubes are becoming a huge problem across the globe. Every year more than 3 billion tires are thrown into landfill sites which are having hugely destructive affects on our environment. We need to change and find alternative methods to deal with waste. That change starts with you!

Come along and create a unique belt from a rejected or worn bicycle tire! Express your environmental consciousness through your newly found creativity. Choose from a vast range of coloured tires and different buckles to create your belt from.

Join the tire revolution and make a change!

Good to Know

Laura will provide all the essential tools you will need. She will pass on her experience of crafting and up-cycling which will enable you to unlock your inner creativity and create something truly distinctive and eco-friendly. Rejected and worn tires are a great alternative to leather; suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Wear your new belt with pride knowing it’s 100% cruelty-free!

Located closely to Gallions Reach DLR station, Royal Albert Wharf studios is the perfect place to find inspiration to get creative. The Gallions Point Marina provides a peaceful atmosphere in a picturesque environment. To find us, exit Gallions Reach DLR station and turn onto Atlantis Avenue. Then turn right down towards Galyons Bar and Kitchen and turn left and follow straight on until you reach RAW studios.

No previous experience needed!

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Address: Royal Albert Wharf, RAW Studios, E16 2GU, London, United Kingdom
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Make Your Eco-Friendly Upcycled Bicycle Tyre Belts

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