Make your own Handmade Pottery Pinch Pots – 3 Part Class


3 weeks (2 hour Tuesday sessions)
Guidance, Materials, Tools, Small Class Size, Byob
All Levels
In this 3 part series you'll learn how to design and mould earthenware clay with your hands. You'll shape it, smooth it and then design / paint it, ending up with 3 unique pinch pots of different shapes and sizes. They'll look great in your home or as a wonderful gift!

Session 1: Mould earthenware clay into your basic shapes - feel free to experiment!

Session 2 - 1 week later: Allow your pinch pots to dry and then to come by again to re-shape. This step ensures that the pieces adopt the ideal shape and smoothness you desire - it is the perfection stage. After this we let it dry out and then kiln fire it (1st firing) to dry it out completely. After the 1st firing, it'll be ready for painting and decorating!

Session 3 - 2 weeks later: This session is about decorating the kiln fired pinch pots in colours of your choosing. We have a wide variety of paints you can use on the ceramics. After it's painted, we will glaze and then kiln fire it again (2nd firing) and ta da - done! Your pinch pots will then be made available for collection or delivery. The £80 covers all three 2 hour sessions. You’ll have lots of fun, get your hands dirty, learn some nifty techniques and after the 3rd session will leave with the know-how of how to make your own pinch pots, shortly after which you'll get your kiln fired pots! You'll also feel the mindfulness effects of being creative and playing with clay - it is amazing!

e.g. Tuesday Sep 4th (part 1), Tuesday Sep 11th (part 2 - 1 week later) and Tuesday Sep 25th (part 3 - 2 weeks later than part 2). The session 1 is 2.5 hours (6.15pm start), session 2 & 3 are 2 hours (6.30pm start).  

To note:
  • Includes the materials (for up to 3/4 pinch pots – earthenware clay), equipment (sponges, moulding tools, aprons, etc), paints, inspiration and guidance you need. Don’t you worry!
  • The event is also BYOB (bring your own alcohol / beer / wine) – so feel free to bring some. We’ll provide the glasses!
  • Kiln firing of your pinch pots when shaped (1st firing) and glazing and kiln firing of your pinch pots when painted (2nd firing). After the 2nd firing 7-12 days after the 3rd session, it will then be made available for collection or delivered for a small additional charge. We do a kiln firing as often as we can.
Capacity is limited for these sessions, to ensure you feel nice, relaxed and get enough guidance throughout. Ahhhhh lovely.
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Address: M.Y.O Re-creation, 82 Redcross Way, London, SE1 1HA
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  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    I booked a Hen Party Saturday 11th August to do the BYOB and Paint Ceramics. All the ladies absolutely loved the experience, and myself and my best friend have already been in talks about the next fun activity to do here soon.
    All the ladies thoroughly enjoyed their time designing their own art on ceramics, and it brought out everyone's creative side, and made others switch off from their day to day stresses. I can honestly say it was a fun and enjoyable day. The lady who was in charge of our group was also amazing, and made everyone feel totally at home and gave us all alittle bit of inspiration and guidance on things to do.
    I will definitely be coming back. I was very inspired!
  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    I booked this as a birthday present for a friend and we went along for some fun too. It was wonderful! Such a lot of choice of things to do in a really friendly atmosphere. The helpers were fantastic -couldn't have been more helpful. Coffee in a cafetière on tap all evening - how lovely! A very relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable evening. Brilliant idea! Would definitely do it again! Any chance of maybe including candlemaking at some point? Can't wait to pick up our pottery once it has been fired! We went to the Borough studio -really pretty inside and very easy to find very close to Borough Tube. Thank you all.
  3. Rated 5 out of 5
    I really enjoyed this workshop, caligraphy is not only a beautiful art, it also proved to be a great mindfulness exercise :) good teacher, a very relaxed atmosphere in a nice venue surrounded by arts and crafts. Perfect place to get inspired...!

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Make your own Handmade Pottery Pinch Pots – 3 Part Class

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