Make Upcycled Inner Tube Jewellery


2 hours
All Materials, Tools And Refreshments
All Levels

Have you ever thought about creating jewellery from waste inner tubes? The inner tube is a fantastic and durable material which gives us the possibility to create totally original and, what is more important, eco-friendly jewellery. An inner tube is also called the vegan leather because it looks like leather, so why not to support leather-free style.

Waste tires and inner tubes are becoming a huge problem across the globe. Every year more than 3 billion tires are thrown into landfill sites which are having hugely destructive affects on our environment. We need to change and find alternative methods to deal with waste. That change starts with you! 

This is a unique workshop where you will surprise yourself and everyone else with your new skills and creativity. During this workshop, you’ll learn how to cut basic inner tubes and jewellery making techniques. You will create your own necklace or bracelet and earrings.

Join this eco-journey and learn how to upcycle and have a different perspective on waste tyres.

Good to Know

It’s a super fun program, you will get a complimentary drink and some tasty vegan-friendly bites.

Laura, your host, will give you all the essential tools, scissors, cutting mat, inner tubes, hooks, necklace and bracelet wires, hole punch, etc. She creates everything from tyres such as belts, jewellery, dog accessories, guitar straps, sandals, and even clothing. Her brand, called Laura Zabo sells overseas with fantastic feedback and support.

All you have to do is to join us with positive vibes and an open mind!

Do Good, Feel Good

Reduce your carbon footprint by bringing back to life a used or reclaimed material. Leave the session with your upcycled creation and a proud feeling for contributing to a more sustainable world.

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Address: Royal Albert Wharf, RAW Studios, E16 2GU, London, United Kingdom
Sold By: Laura Zabo Upcycled Fashion

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Make Upcycled Inner Tube Jewellery

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