Make your own neon style art work (Streatham)


3 hours
Materials, Refreshments

Have a thing for neon and want some neon to light up your life? Create your own neon sign from start to finish at this workshop!

During this two and a half hour workshop you will be taken through each stage of the creative process and will be provided with everything you need to create your masterpiece. You will also get a glass of wine and some nibbles to get your creative juices flowing (obvs) and the lovely people at Streatham Wine House will also give you 15% any other drinks you buy on the day.

You will be provided with a 40 x 50cm artist’s canvas and battery powered LED neon wire in a either pink, green or blue. This makes the creating far less dangerous that working with neon chemicals and it also means you can display your handiwork without any unsightly wires on display.

You don’t need to be very creative or artistic you just have to want to create something fabulous in neon and we can help with the rest.


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Address: 53A Streatham Hill London Greater London England GB
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Make your own neon style art work (Streatham)

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