Terrarium Masterclass – Eco system & Prosecco!


2 hours
All Materials, Guidance And Refreshments
All Levels
Escape the City and enjoy a relaxed, peaceful and creative few hours in a lush green surrounding and design your very own eco-terrarium garden. 

Good to Know

The terrariums are extremely low maintenance, self watering environments which you will take home with you inside a large glass vase. You will learn the whys and hows for making a self contained living botanical environment.

You will use colourful plants, mosses, rocks, soil and miniature objects to turn your eco-system into a beautiful living miniature world.

We will provide you with a lovely large 3 ltr glass jar, a range of colourful plants, beautiful green mosses and other fun objects to help personalise your garden and some handy aftercare instructions.
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Address: 50B Independent Place, London, E8 2HE
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Terrarium Masterclass – Eco system & Prosecco!

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