Observational Drawing Techniques Class


3 hours
Guidance, Materials, Small Class Size
All Levels, Teens Welcome (13-18)
In this half-day workshop, you will learn some flower art basics including observation techniques, drawing to scale and colour blending. You will capture the inner beauty of a flower!
  • Basic structures explained – petal, sepal, style, stigma, anther, ovary and ovule
  • Dissecting a flower and various methods of observing the internal structures
  • Drawing the flower roughly to scale
  • Colouring in the flower and the technique of blending colours
You will have large flowers so that all structures will be visible to the naked eye! There will be handheld magnifiers available. You will get some images of your flower and its structures using a mobile phone camera as a microscope.

Please bring a mobile phone, preferably with a camera function. Or if not, a laptop may come in handy. If you have colouring pencils at home, please bring those along too!
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    very nice !! highly recommended ... I could not believe I made a bag at my first lesson !!!

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Observational Drawing Techniques Class

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