Piercing Your Own Silver Pendant


3 hours
Materials, Tools, Refreshments, Small Class Size
All Levels
Piercing or sawing metal is an integral skill in a metalsmith’s repertoire and the jeweller’s saw is among the most common and key tools found at a jeweller's bench.

Learning to pierce metal allows you to create intricate designs and shapes that couldn’t otherwise be created, opening up a world of design possibilities in your jewellery. This class takes you through the process of transforming a sheet of sterling silver into your own beautifully detailed finished pendant.

Good to Know

This workshop is suitable for all beginners and is a stepping stone of foundation skills and techniques.

During the 3 hour class you will learn silversmithing techniques such as sawing straight and curved edges, drilling holes, piercing out shapes and designs, filing, sanding, and polishing.

The Venue

The workshop takes place in a lovely home studio in a villagey oasis in SE London. After enrolling in the workshop, you will receive a confirmation email from your host with the exact address.
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Address: Chislehurst
Sold By: Creative Escape

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Piercing Your Own Silver Pendant

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