Pottery, Painting, Sculpture or Drawing in a Creative Studio


2 hours
All Materials And Guidance
All Levels
This class is perfect for those who want to start a new project, build up their portfolio, or just get a little creative.

Did you love art in school but haven't stepped in a studio since the sixth form? Are you feeling a little inspired, but don't know where to begin? These carefully nurturing, creative time slots are the perfect escape from everyday life.

The world is very much your creative oyster when it comes to these classes, and you can learn either pottery, ceramics, drawing, painting or sculpture.

The studio is equipt with a large library for inspiration, a printer to print off any photos you want to recreate as a painting, and has a beautiful garden if you fancy drawing something botanical (or just a lovely place to have a tea break.)

When it comes to pottery, you can learn to work the wheel, make plates, pinch pots or work patterns into a slab. If you want to use the pottery wheel, let us know, as there are only 2.
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Address: Studio 3.2 ,The Chocolate Factory 2, 4 Coburg Road Woodgreen, London, N22 6UJ
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Pottery, Painting, Sculpture or Drawing in a Creative Studio

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