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2 hours
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Looking for some special details for your wedding? During this workshop you will learn how to create lovely calligraphy items for your great event!

Is the big day coming? Are you looking for some beautiful place cards , envelopes or thank you notes to give to your guests? Well, you are at the right place!

Join our 2 hours workshop to learn how to make your own place cards, thank you cards and envelopes using calligraphy and flourishing. We’ll start with introducing you to the supplies we are going to use during our Wedding Calligraphy workshop. Then we can move on to calligraphy exercises on basic strokes and letter forms. We’ll practice the alphabet to get used to the letters we are going to use for our special wedding pieces.

We’ll have plenty of time for 1 to 1 tuition and instruction, so at the end of this workshop you are going to be able to write your name or a few words using your calligraphy tools. I will share with you tips and tricks about layout and special touches to make your calligraphy stationery look great, so don't worry if you haven't done that before! You are not even supposed to have a fine handwriting !

You will take home your cards, together with a calligraphy kit so you can practice this new skill and prepare your special event stationery! Your starter kit will include a pen holder, a nib, a black ink pot , exercise sheets and an envelope.

This is an absolute beginners workshop so you need no preparation for it. We will provide all materials. It’s going to be a great way of relaxing, using just your imagination and hands. We’ll get creative, so please come prepared to have fun and experience new stuff! All persons over 16 are welcome!

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Discover Wedding Calligraphy

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