Amalia is a calligrapher, illustrator and stationery designer that founded Amalia Calligraphy. She started as a self-taught calligrapher 5 years ago. Ever since she works wedding and events stationery and loves to add manual details to it to achieve a handcrafted and exquisite look. The digital flow brought her to creating printable designs for her customers to choose, for a rather quick and easy way of getting beautiful stationery for events. She now shares calligraphy tips and tricks in workshops all across Europe. She considers herself truly lucky to spend her days creating, mixing and matching styles, colors and textures. She loves learning new stuff every day that can embellish her work – silk flowers making and a lot of different artistic techniques. So, if you are into creating some beautiful invitations or just want to learn a new artistic skill, Amalia is ready to share with you in her calligraphy classes many of the things she learned during these years!

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