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Hi my name is Lucky Rutland. I am an artist from New Zealand and have lived in London for over twenty-seven years. My forte is in sculpture and paint. My inspiration stems from Mother Nature and all it’s beautiful forms. I was brought up on farms, so animals and trees have a big influence on my art. I also sculpt from life models and produce drawings and charcoal images. I run an art school entitled ‘Lucky Studio’, which is based in the Chocolate factory in Wood Green – London. I have been teaching Art for 13 years: children and adults, from aged four to eight-five. With the adults I teach ceramic, sculpture, painting, drawing. In addition to the above list, the children work in a variety of mediums, including: paper mache, lino cutting, mono printing and much more. I love teaching children because their ideas are deeply inspiring. I have an annual kids exhibition. I also exhibit my own work about five times per year. I’m extremely lucky to be able to peruse my passion as a job & I feel blessed everyday.

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